SUP Yoga is all about adding a touch of nature, adventure and fun to your everyday practice.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to Yoga in general, or already rocking some yoga moves, this class is designed to shift your perspective on water sports and the nature around you no matter the level of experience you have. Our teacher is a certified Yoga instructor who knows how to make your experience on the board fun and easy.

In this 60 minute class you will learn how to move on the board with fluidity, confidence and ease, as well as release any tension, quiet the mind and let yourself be one with the nature around you. A SUP Yoga lesson with us will start with a brief introduction on the beach where you will learn some basic theoretical principles of sitting, kneeling, standing and balancing, along with moving and paddling on the board.

Following this, we head to the water where we will shortly warm you up with some paddling and anchor on our perfect spot for the next hour. We love to start the practice with some breathing exercises (Pranayama) while absorbing the smells, sounds and the amazing view of the sea around us. Progressing to our physical practice, you will have the chance to choose different variations of postures (Asana) depending on your physical abilities and level of experience. We do take care that each of our students’ needs and abilities are met with the purpose of creating an unforgettable experience on the sea.

The physical practice will develop your sense of balance, make you more grounded and stable and increase your flexibility, or simply create some heat and relaxation in your body to prepare you for the upcoming day or night. To finish off with our practice, you will get some time to relax on the board and simply float with your hands and feet touching the water, feeling the summer flow of the sea around you.


sup course in fazana

We offer two types of classes, one taking place at sunrise and the other at sunset. Each of these classes has its benefits for you and offers a different experience. The morning sunrise class is designed to build some heat and prepare your body and mind for any upcoming challenges during the day. You will practice more dynamic physical and breathing exercises with more challenging postures, some of which will definitely flip you around and make you laugh!

You will focus on creating a positive attitude, strengthening the body and creating some new skills on the board. The evening sunset classes are a perfect way to wind down after a long day at the beach, working or exploring the areas around. You will engage with a more calming practice in which you will search for stability, ease, grounding, positive thoughts, reflect on your day and greet the sun before we watch it drop behind the sea line.