Why to chose us?

After years of gaining experience all around the world we established a unique system that is gonna make your progress faster than ever.
As we were traveling and working in most famous centers all around the world ,teaching more than 5000 people how to windsurf, surf, sup or sailing we gained so big experience that we actually started to move the boundaries and change the game in both,sport and business.
Fazana windsurfing school (2)
Windsurfing school business is fed on extending your time spent in lessons and that means slow progress – more lessons, more lessons – more money and time…
Our main goal is to give you the best service and speed up your progress.
That means that you are about to learn a lot in less time than usual and that is gonna save you a lot of money, time and nerves.
And that’s one of the main features that makes us different from other centers or schools out there.
Another feature is that we tend to hire real surfers with WOWS instructor licences so you are in the hands of true professionals that live for this amazing water sports not only while working but also in their personal lives so you get the best possible service and by real professional everyday surfers.